Sunday, December 13, 2020

In The Year of the Plague- 2020

 Hard to believe that I haven't posted in almost 2 years.  Certainly was never my intention to be gone so long.   But, life happened and things got busy.   However bad I am at writing, the knitting needles don't stop moving, however.    When the pandemic hit in the spring, I felt an overwhelming urge to knit blankets.  Probably to build a fort in which to hide.  But it seemed like a good way to whittle down some of the vast stash of scrap yarn as well.    And having just finished two of them, I need to share them with the world:

The classic Mitred square, using a pattern kindly posted by Valerie from Wandering Cat Studio.  

And the second one is a Ten Stitch Blanket, which has basically wiped out my supply of  bulky weight yarn.   Of course now that I've done one of these in scrap yarn, I'm starting to get the itch to see what it would look like in a variegated or gradient yarn! 

After that- no doubt because I've spent the last 8 months working on 2 projects (probably a new low for me!), I started making mittens at all possible speed.  Here's the past week's output.  

It's been a rough year for everyone.  I hope that others have found the same solace in yarn that I have.  Hopefully by this time next year, we'll all be experiencing something closer to normal.