Saturday, January 15, 2000

2017 Book Reviews

The annual book list/review list:

142.  Iron Dawn: The Monitor, the Merrimack, and the Civil War Sea Battle that Changed History by Richard Snow

141.  Pulse by Felix Francis

140.  Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine Harris
A great deal too much about being a new mother, and not enough mystery, but pleasant enough if you like the series. 

139.  Atlantic by Simon Winchester-  A somewhat rambling discourse on various facets of the ocean.  The lack of an overarching story to tell made it a weaker effort than some of his other books, but still interesting.  I heard it as an audiobook, and the author's reading was very good.

138.  Spaced Out by Stuart Gibbs

137.  Murder in Shadow by Anne Cleeland

136.  The Rook by Daniel O'Malley

135.  Artemis by Andy Weir

134. The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher

133.  Enigma by Catherine Coulter

132.  Touch of Red by Laura Griffin

131.  The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava

130.  Bound by Benedict Jacka

129.  Look Behind You by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen

128.  A Perfect Evil by Alex Kava

127.  Games Without Rules: The Often-Interrupted History of Afghanistan by Tamim Ansary
I listened to the audiobook version of this, and found it compelling, not just for the clear and sensitive exploration of the country's history, but for the author's calm and sometimes wry reading of the text.  His sympathies lie with his Afghan countrymen, but he is evenhanded in his narration of the events that led to the situation as it stood at the end of 2012. (The book was published in 2013.)  At the end of the book, I felt that I understood much more about the country than I would have expected I could.  I highly recommend this for anyone interested in the subject.

126.  Split Second by Alex Kava
125.  Secrets in Death by J.D.Robb
124. Whisper of Warning by Laura Griffin
123.  Thread of Fear by Laura Griffin

122. The Gathering Edge by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

121.  Give the Devil His Due by Steve Hockensmith and Lisa Falco
120.  Fool Me Once by Steve Hockensmith and Lisa Falco

119.  On the Fringe by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins
118.  Where Have all the Birdies Gone by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins

117.  Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose

116. Shattered by Allison Brennan

115.  The First Rule of Ten by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay

114.  Confluence by S.K. Dunstall

Nasty Breaks by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins
Rotten Lies by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins
A Wicked Slice by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins
Alliance by S.K. Dunstall
Linesman by S.K. Dunstall
The Borrowed Alibi by Leslie Egan
Run to Evil by Leslie Egan
Detective's Due by Leslie Egan
The Nameless Ones by Leslie Egain

113.  At Close Range by Laura Griffin
112.  Deep Dark by Laura Griffin
111.  The Dispatcher by John Scalzi
110. Let the Devil Sleep by John Verdon

109. First Lord's Fury by Jim Butcher
This is the 6th and last in the series.  Much of the series I listened to on audio book, and I highly recommend the reader, Kate Reading, who was outstanding. Unlike many fantasy series, this series becomes more impressive as it progresses, and the complexity and craftsmanship of the plotting becomes evident. While it doesn't break any radically new ground, it mixes a leavening of original ideas into well-trodden themes, and progresses smoothly and entertainingly to a rousing and satisfyingly dramatic finish, deftly managing multiple subplots and threads. Thoroughly enjoyable.

108.  White Magic Five and Dime by Lisa Falco and Steve Hockensmith
107. Shadow Fall by Laura Griffin
106. Beyond Limits by Laura Griffin

105.  The Delirium Brief by Charles Stross
In the latest entry in Stross' Laundry series, things go ever more inexorably pear shaped.  Fans of the series will enjoy it, newcomers are strongly advised to start at the beginning of the series.   This book more than most is dependent on the reader having followed the events of the last three or four books.

Murder in the Queen's Armes by Aaron Elkins
The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

104.  Princeps' Fury by Jim Butcher
103.  In Seconds by Brenda Novak
102.  Shut Your Eyes Tight by John Verdon
101.  Force of Nature by C.J. Box
100.  The Devil's Triangle by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison
99.  The Kill Box by Nichole Christoff
98.  Think of a Number by John Verdon
97.  Exposed by Laura Griffin
96.  Scorched by Laura Griffin
95.  Twisted by Laura Griffin
94.  The Ghost Fields by Elly Griffiths
93.  The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths
92.  Snapped by Laura Griffin
91.  A Dying Fall by Elly Griffiths
90.  Unforgivable by Laura Griffin
89.  Unspeakable by Laura Griffin
88.  A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths
87.  The House at Seas End by Elly Griffiths
86.  The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths
85.  Two to Die for by Allison Brennan
84.  Blood Stained by C.J. Lyons
83.  Far Gone by Laura Griffin
82.  The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths
Very atmospheric and a lovely setting, but the mystery was weak.  The book winds its way from one incident to another until the protagonist notices the clue (the only one), which doesn't even connect to the murder, and then stumbles over the improbable truth by accident.

81.  Snake Skin by C.J. Lyons
80.  The Kill Shot by Nichole Christoff
79.  Caliban's War by James S.A. Corey
78.  Untraceable by Laura Griffin
77.  Drained by E.H. Reinhard
76.  The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly
75.  Cold Wind by C.J. Box
74.  The First Shot by E. H. Reinhard
73.  Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey
72.  Hide Your Eyes by Allison Gaylin
71.  Man of Wax by Robert Swartwood
70.  A Dedicated Man by Peter Robinson
69. The Kill List by Nichole Christoff
68. Nowhere to Run by C.J. Box
67. Exposed by C.J. Carmichael
66. Forgotten by C.J. Carmichael

65.  The Human Blend by Alan Dean Foster
Lots of action instead of a plot.  It took half the book for the two main characters to meet.  And then it ended without resolving anything.  Very disappointing.

64.  Buried by C.J. Carmichael
63.  Below Zero by C.J. Box
62.  The Lost Girls by Allison Brennan
61.  Blood Trail by C.J. Box
60.  Free Fire by C.J. Box
59.  A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris
58.  Red Line by Brian Thiem
57.  The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler-Olsen
56.  Make Them Pay by Allison Brennan
55.  Hungry Ghosts by Stephen Blackmoore
54.  Murder in All Honour by Anne Cleeland
53.  The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin
52.  All the Pretty Girls by J.T. Ellison
51.  Captain's Fury by Jim Butcher
50.  In Plain Sight by C.J.Box
49.  We Wish You a Murderous Christmas by Vicky Delany
48.  Crash and Burn by Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin
47.  The Cold Cold Ground by Adrian McKinty
46.  Murder in the River City by Allison Brennan
45.  Maximum Exposure by Allison Brennan
44.  Broken Souls by Stephen Blackmoore
43.  Cursor's Fury by Jim Butcher
42.  Academ's Fury by Jim Butcher
41.  Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher
40.  Playing Dead by Allison Brennan
39.  Every Dark Corner by Karen Rose
38.  Echos in Death by J.D. Robb
37.  Poisonous by Allison Brennan
36.  Tempting Fear by Allison Brennan
35.  Cutting Edge by Allison Brennan
34.  Fatal Secrets by Allison Brennan
33.  Getting Things Done by David Allen

32.  Night Drive by Garnet Rogers
A more or less chronological series of reminiscences about Garnet's life on the road as a folk musician with his brother Stan Rogers in the 70s. It's a fascinating look at the folk scene for any fan, and in turns nostalgic, sad and hysterically funny.

31.  Pulse by Celina Grace
30.  Time of Death by Lucy Kerr
29.  Trophy Hunt by C.J. Box
28.  The Kill by Allison Brennan
27. The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin
26.  Killing Fear by Allison Brennan
25. Kiss Me, Kill Me by Allison Brennan
24. Fear No Evil by Allison Brennan
23. See No Evil by Allison Brennan
22. Joy by Celina Grace
21. Sanctuary by Celina Grace
20. Creed by Celina Grace
19. No Good Deed by Allison Brennan
18. Echo by Celina Grace
17. Mirror Image by Dennis Palumbo
16. Chimera by Celina Grace
15. Snarl by Celina Grace
14. Imago by Celina Grace
13. Requiem by Celina Grace
12. Hushabye by Celina Grace
11. Black and Blue by Emma Jameson
10. Winterkill by C.J. Box
9.  Night Watch by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen
8.  Isle of Glass by Nora Roberts
7.  Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis
6.  Something Blue by Emma Jameson
5.  Blue Murder by Emma Jameson
4.  Ice Blue by Emma Jameson
3.  Compulsion by Allison Brennan
2.  Killfile by Christopher Farnsworth
1.  Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore

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