Friday, May 9, 2008

Will the Violets Never End?

Sadly, yes, but I'm enjoying them like anything while they're here:

And, lurking around the back of the house, the Mystery Bush is at it again. Anyone recognize these? I love the flower, but have flipped through a number of books and not managed to identify them. The Bush is a bit less than waist high, and shows no inclination to get bigger, thought that could have something to do with its shady location.
mystery bush
(Edit: Karen and another friend have both identified this as a flowering almond. Mystery solved! Thanks, guys!)

Anyway, they certainly make a nice change from the beige front that's been passing through this blog lately. For example, I am still adoring the Chevron Socks:
chevron socks

But the discerning eye will note that there is a certain amount of beige in the colorway. Alas the new sweater, being gray, will not liven things up much. It's quite possible that there will have to be more socks before that really gets going. Bright, cheery socks.

The fact that I'm totally not getting gauge on swatch number five for the new sweater? Doesn't help.

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  1. I've grown that shrub, but I'm blanking on the name right now. It's one of those old, dead easy, and easy to propogate things that got passed around so isn't very common in the nursery trade. Let me think on it for a while.