Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cheap Funnel Tricks

So, I was reading money-saving tips on my lunch hour the other day. I do this sort of thing. Despite a natural inclination to torturing pennies until they scream for mercy, I persist in looking for undiscovered sources of waste in my budget in the hope of squeezing ever more out of it.

This particular article listed a number of money-saving ideas that I already practice. I don't have a latte at Starbucks every day (or any day, really), and I don't buy bottled water. What I have are a collection of empty plastic bottles that I fill with water from my tap. But sometimes I just don't feel like drinking water. And when I found myself occasionally buying a package of single serving juice bottles to take to work, I knew it was time to make a change. So I replaced my kitchen funnel (the old one disappeared into the cellar for reasons having to do with paint thinner and is now officially No Longer Suitable For Kitchen Use), and started putting juice, milk, whatever, in smaller bottles as opposed to buying serving size.

Good for the environment, good for the budget. And with the advent of the summer iced coffee season? Cold coffee, a little sugar, some skim milk down the funnel, and I have a ten-cent replacement for a $1.25 purchase.
iced coffee cheap vs not so cheap

Eat your heart out, Starbucks.

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