Sunday, September 28, 2008


It rained all day Saturday and much of Sunday this weekend. While this was a tad depressing, it was also an excellent excuse to put off dismantling and storing the pool hardware. (This task involves crawling around under the deck with tools, and swearing a lot--a filter with two hundred pounds of wet sand in it? Nobody's idea of a good time.)

So, that left me only procrastinating on indoor chores this weekend. So in between saying things like, "I really ought to--" I started a sweater:
colorwork sweater

This is based on the one-piece knit-in-the-round sweater from EZ's Knitting Without Tears. Much of the yarn is some very nice merino given to me by a friend. The design is being driven in part by yarn quantities-- the gray is the only yarn I can get more of. So I'm reserving a lot of the green for the sleeve cuffs and yoke. The white shouldn't be a problem- I seem to have plenty and also, from what I've read I'll have to be a little sparing with the decoration on the yoke, to avoid it pulling in. As is not unusual, I'm making it up as I go along.

In other news, I finally shot a picture of the shelves I put up in the garage a couple of weeks ago.

My husband says this will result only in having shelves full of stuff with every available surface remaining covered. My theory is that a judicious combination of getting rid of things we don't use, combined with putting thing the things we do use away when we're done with them, will eventually result in a semblance of order. I have a dreadful premonition that he may be right, though--entropy is on his side.

I finally blocked the Optic Waves scarf. I'll give a FO photo shoot when it's dry.

And I found the mistake that was making the heel of the Trekking Fools sock look weird, ripped back to fix it, and re-knit what I'd ripped. (No picture, it doesn't look a lot different from the last time you saw it.)

So, not unproductive. But I'm still ready for the sun to come out.


  1. You got that much knitting done just this weekend?????


    I love what you have so far & am SERIOUSLY impressed with your knitting speed. I positively crawl when working with color.....

  2. Er. Okay, in complete honesty, I have to admit that I already had the ribbing on needles. But I hadn't actually decided on any of the motifs or anything yet-I only knew it was going to be worked in the round. So Friday night (it was also pouring then), I chose some patterns and started the first row of colorwork. I'm at around twelve inches of length at the moment, so I've only done a bit over 9" since 9 pm Friday (it's actually grown a couple more inches since the picture).

    And I haven't done much colorwork at all, but I've been reading about Fair Isle technique, so for the first time I tried the two-handed technique, where you hold one color in each hand. It has proved surprisingly speedy. I'm a Continental knitter normally, so the new bit was learning to knit English style with the secondary color.

    It obviously wasn't as fast as one color knitting, but I made up a lot of time on the plain stockinette in the body, after I got through the colorwork bands.

    Anyway, you're much faster than I am with lace!

  3. Very nice start on the EZ. I enjoy watching these make-it-up-as-you-go projects take shape.

  4. You think like I do. I have this to do, what can I do instead? Grin. Good to know I've got company on the other side of this great, big country. Nice start on that sweater, too.