Monday, October 27, 2008


Along with all the other things to love about fall- there's apple season. I'm a big fan of the humble apple. It's tasty fixed so many ways. And this year I have every reason not to restrain myself, because my sister and her husband have given me a bushel and a half of apples from their trees.
boxes of apples

So, we've had applesauce. I make it in bulk using a food mill. I'm not generally a fan of single-use gadgets, but this one is so darned useful if you like applesauce, that it's worth every minute of cabinet space for the 11 months of the year it waits for its true purpose. So all I do is wash and quarter the apples and remove stems. (These being somewhat feral apples, I also remove unwanted wildlife. Future dinner guests will be happy to know that part.) Fill a big pot.
apples in pot

Add water and boil to mush. Then run the whole mess through the food mill (sort of a pan with a sieve in the bottom and a crank/paddle arrangement that presses the mush through the sieve. Then add sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg (and sometimes ginger) to taste. Yum.
food mill with applesauce

And it freezes very well, without the funny taste (or all the work) of canning. I either pour the sauce into a bag inside a container (seal the bag, freeze, then you can pop the frozen sauce-in-a-bag out of the container and reclaim the container for use). Or I pour them into my collection of single-serving yogurt cups. The cups are easy to decant into a bowl, and five minutes in the microwave gives me hot applesauce for breakfast on a cold winter morning.

In addition to the industrial production of applesauce, we've had pie.
apple pie

Apple crisp.
apple crisp

And applesauce spice cake (my grandmother's recipe).
apple cake

There's only one thing that scares me a little. I'm only halfway through the first box of apples.


  1. Oh yum. I love that about fall, too, and your apples look to my eyes like real apples (having grown up going to pick-your-own farms where things didn't look Safeway-waxed-polished-perfect. Instead, they tasted wonderful.)

  2. Your blog looks like fall with all those apples!

    I wish I had ideas for the apples, but I'm still working on green tomatoes......:)

  3. Any chance you'd share your grandmother's recipe?

  4. Let's start out with 'yum'! All that appley goodness is quite tempting. Besides the applesauce, my girl friend also used to put up bags of apple pie filling for use throughout the year, back when she had a tree. I'd be happy to drop by for a cuppa tea and some of any treats you need used up. :-)

  5. I think we're getting a bumper crop this year, judging by the blossoms. I demand you take at least 4 boxes this year.