Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Zippy Project

I'm procrastinating on enlightenment again, so I'll talk about another project.

I gave up on purses some years ago in favor of a little bag that straps to my waist. I started using it for travel because I liked having my hands free for luggage, and every vacation it took longer to switch back- until I finally got rid of my purse and that was that.

The current bag was a relatively recent purchase, which is why I was rather miffed when the zipper broke. Okay, it had something to do with cramming more stuff into it than was probably strictly practical. But really, these bags are supposed to be sturdy. It's the principle of the thing. Also, it took me an annoying amount of shopping, which I dislike, to actually find one I liked, neutral in color, the right size, a separate pocket for my gym pass, business cards and phone...

So that's why for the last two or three weeks I've been going around with the broken zipper fastened with a safety pin. Until tonight:
zippered bag

Yeah, I bought a new zipper and replaced the broken one. This, contrary to the title of the post, was not an especially fast project. First I ripped the broken zipper out. This was the point of no return- the bag wasn't really usable with raw edges of fabric hanging out, so it meant I had no choice but to go ahead and finish.

Then I rethreaded the sewing machine. Which then jammed repeatedly for some reason that's probably obvious, but I lacked the patience to troubleshoot it at this time. So I pulled out my backup machine. (See, you recalcitrant tool? You can be replaced. Think about it.) This one having been recently propitiated with the sacrifice of three machine needles during the giant drapery project, consented to let me make it sew.

Okay, the top stitching isn't the straightest. (You didn't think the lack of close-up was an accident?) But at least I won't be going around unzipped.


  1. Why do sewing machines always do that when you're doing something that needs to be done NOW? Before we came down to Claifornia for the holidays I worked two days non-stop to make a quilt I'd promised for someone and my machine kept tangling up the thread and acting like the needle was bent. I'm not sure it was.

  2. Okay, that last line caught me off guard--did you hear me guffaw?!