Saturday, April 11, 2009

Out With the Old

The great thing about doing small fast projects--is that you can do more small fast projects. Here's the crochet baby blanket, all washed and ready to go. It was fast and fun, and most importantly? The yarn is happy.
Baby Afghan Finis

It did come out slightly trapezoidal, something I partially (but not completely) corrected by blocking. Probably something to do with the way I did the ripples. I'll try some different ideas next time. By the time it was nearing completion, it was appealingly warm and toasty on my lap, enough that I was sorry to finish, so clearly a slight lack of rectangularity isn't going to interfere with its function.

In other news, the ranks of red socks have grown by two feet. Or at least a pair.
More Red Socks

I don't as a rule have trouble with Second Sock Syndrome, however by the end of sock number four, I confess I was starting to feel a wee bit of malaise. On the other hand, the red socks were my 'small easy traveling project', and mainly worked on at times when I couldn't have given it my full attention anyway, so it all worked out. And what's nice about these, is with four matching socks, losing one won't condemn the wearer to mismatchingness. (Okay, they're for a guy. To wear under boots. I can't help thinking about these things, it's the double X chromosomes.)

Coming up on our next exciting installment, the return of the Icewine Mittens.


  1. Wow, I've never had second sock syndrome, but I probably would indeed have 3rd & 4th sock syndrome! Good for you

  2. *Four* matching socks. My stars. You're a saint!

  3. Wow -- four of the same sock is definitely dedication!

    Thanks for the comment on the travel posts :) If you can ever make it to Mesa Verde, I *highly* recommend it -- it was such fun! (And no books on park deaths to taint the experience ;) )