Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another World

So the latest project takes a little explaining. One of my husband's oldest friends is currently living in Takhar Province in northern Afghanistan. He went out there six years ago, working for Shelter for Life International, and eventually helped found his own organization, the Marigold Fund, to take on some of the projects that needed to be done. Do click on the Marigold Fund link if you're at all interested- the photographs are incredible. One of the things that particularly impresses me about this group is the level of local involvement. Local Afghan people are involved in every part of these projects, from the decision-making to the design to the construction. They're currently finishing construction on a tuberculosis clinic.

Anyway, my husband's friend's mother is a knitter, and when knitters hear about cold people, they make toasty knitted things. She's gotten together a group to knit scarves- regular scarves for boys and extra-wide head-covering scarves for girls. Hence-
Afghan head scarf

This is the girl version. It's a very simple pattern, garter stitch, switching direction every three stitches. Yarn is Wool-Ease Thick & Quick from Lion Brand. Northern Afganistan is mountainous, and very cold in winter, so the instructions said scarves should be at least part a natural warm fiber (like wool) and the thicker the better. A quick knit, and a satisfying one.

If this kind of project is something that might interest you, let me know, I can forward an instructions flyer and contact information.

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  1. Yes, please. Send me some info on that project. Love the blue scarf/shawl.