Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too Busy for Pictures

Funny, the last couple of weeks is all kind of a blur. However. Since last we left our heroine:

a) She was busy cleaning things in preparation for the big house concert.

The concert went off on schedule and was a definite success. We had over thirty people- which isn't bad at all for a Tuesday evening. I made my famous maple baklava, along with an applesauce spice cake and some oatmeal butterscotch cookies to feed the ravening hordes. (The hordes ravened appreciatively.) The music was lovely, and we were largely on schedule. Very nice indeed.

b) She was knitting the colorwork sweater.

And- the second sleeve is done. All that's left is to steek, sew it together and knit a crew neck onto it. Which will hopefully happen Real Soon Now, as the weather has turned quite chilly. The only reason I haven't done it yet is having been so busy. Nothing to do with being nervous about cutting up knitting. Really. *shifty look*

c) She was knitting a green Aran sweater.

This one has also made progress- I'm two thirds of the way through the back. Not even to the halfway point though. But I'm still delighted that I'm keeping this one for myself. I do love cables, and the yarn (Northampton Dark Green Heather) is so pretty.

d) She was resisting the urge to cast on more projects.

And is still resisting- I want to get at least one of the sweaters done first.

e) She was ignoring the hapless bamboo sweater.

What bamboo sweater? Oh, that. But I can't wear it for months. It can wait.

f) She did finish a sewing project.

It was a tablecloth, to cover up the battered folding table we were serving refreshments on at the concert. I'm not going to post a picture because how interesting can a hemmed piece of fabric be?

g) She has done battle with pool hardware!

My delightful husband thoughtfully took the week of the concert off. And then spent a chunk of it doing all the pool closing prep (cleaning, lowering the water level, going to the pool store to replace the floating pillow that no longer floats), patching the pool cover. So we got the pool winterized and undercover in good time (the acorns had already started raining down, but the deluge of leaves had barely started). Over the weekend, I disassembled the filter and pump, emptied and stored them. I even managed to avoid the traditional skinned knuckles by the cunning stratagem of wearing gloves. It's one of those tasks that you really look forward to finishing. Otherwise known as, it feels so good when it stops.

In our next exciting installment... the finished colorwork sweater! Or else humorous excuses for failing to do same. Or at least a picture.


  1. Don't underestimate the power of humorous excuses....haven't seen my ribbed yoke pullover in a while, have you? :)

  2. Loved your 'things done' list! I'm always impressed with those who knit sweaters for people older than 12 months!

  3. Lost on a tangent here: I want maple baklava. Bad. Now see what you've done. I've made a caramelized sugar/organic orange/ground pecan/phyllo dough pastry, and now I'm picturing some variation in maple. Oh my. Happy fall!