Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weird Week

If I'd gotten around to posting over the weekend, the blog title would have been 'Still Thinking' with a picture of another pair of mittens and an incipient sock. Or possibly 'Who'd Have Thought Three Oak Trees Could Have So Many Leaves'.

Since then, I've settled on a plaquet neck and zipper (first zipper in a sweater, though I've used them in sewing) for the colorwork sweater, but haven't actually done anything about putting it in yet. We'll see if plan B survives contact with the enemy. I've formulated a plan for the neckline of the green Aran, and knit nothing on it. And I've had my brain eaten by Cookie A's Monkey Socks, in a bamboo/wool blend. Easy to see why they're so popular! (The part where I had to go down two needle sizes and add a pattern repeat to get something vaguely the size of my foot is not helping- I don't *mind* exactly, it's a fun knit, it looks great, but it does take longer.)

Any brain cells I had left are trying to deal with the complexity of stealing a steam locomotive (a key plot element in my novel).

And tonight I'm going to a wake for a co-worker, who died this week after a brief and very sudden illness. A very nice guy- he will be sadly missed.

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