Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recapping 2009

A year ago this month, I started with just 2 WIPs (a pair of socks started during the big ice storm in December '08 and the Moderne baby blanket).

I ended the year with the bamboo sweater, and the fluffy blue sweater on the needles, along with the green wool Aran, and a new pair of socks I cast on for carrying-around knitting while I was on vacation. These don't really have a name...the pattern is euphoniously called "314" in my stitch dictionary (the new one I got for Christmas...thanks, Mom!) But I'm calling them the Rose Arch socks (after the rows of little arches in the pattern).
rose arch socks
Rose Arch socks in Deborah Norville Serentity Sock yarn

And in non-knitting projects, I still have some more work to do on my kayak cart (which will not be happening until the garage isn't freezing).

In reviewing my FOs, I was continually startled to find that a project had been done during 2009. I kept thinking, 'no, surely that hat was done last year'...but it wasn't. Clearly the reason that time seems to pass quickly is that I lose track of when things actually happened!

In summary:
Knitting- 31 FOs:
13 pairs of socks
1 pair fingerless mitts
1 pair slippers
2 sweaters
1 scarf
8 pairs mittens
1 baby blanket
4 hats

Crochet- 2 FOs:
2 crocheted baby/lap afghans

-refurbished bench
-reattached mailbox to post

-assorted mending
-tablecloth for long folding table

Interesting what a little data can tell you—I had the feeling that I'd done a lot of socks, and so I did. And my husband has been by far the biggest beneficiary, scoring a sweater and no less than four pairs of socks. That, I hadn't realized. And that doesn't take into account knitting the better part of two sweaters which will be inflating the 2010 FO list. Based on projects planned, I will probably have more sweaters, lots more mitts, and less of everything else this year. We'll see how that goes.

A great idea, this end of year list--I feel so much more productive than I did before I made it!


  1. Wow! Way to kick 2009's butt in the FO department! (And mine, as it happens. I'm fine with that, 'cause, really, SOMEONE should have been productive last year and it wasn't me, so it might as well be you, right?) Looking forward to seeing what you (and all of us) do in 2010. Should be fun!

  2. Whoo hoo! Look at all the stuff you did!

    And does this mean YOU get most of the socks this year?

  3. So his feet had a Laugh-In year? "Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me." Four pairs. Lucky him!