Monday, February 22, 2010


My brilliant plan to finish the salt and pepper gloves over the weekend was derailed by my misplacing my notes on how to divide for the fingers. In a pinch, I could have refigured it, using the finished glove as a check, but it was a little more work than I wanted to do if I didn't have to. They did turn up late yesterday evening, but alas, too late to get back on track. Drat! My comment about being my own worst enemy was not intended to be prophetic!

So. I have knit more sock. More glove. More sweater. *Must finish something Real Soon Now!

*Project knitter's mantra.


  1. Which part is the mantra? The part before the asterisk or the part after? I could totally see it being either one! And I'm not sure which part works best for me. Something to meditate on, perhaps.

  2. Can I tease you about Freudian slip-stitches re the missing notes? No? Okay, I won't, then.