Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Après le Déluge

Thankfully, I was not affected by the widespread flooding in my area in the last few days, though I did have some minor excitement related to getting my car out of an underground parking garage. I had left it there at my husband's workplace while we went out to western Massachusetts for the weekend, and came back to find it in the center of large and deepening pool of water. Fortunately, there was a shallow bit only an inch or so deep that extended in the general direction of the driver's side door, and I was able to get to the car without getting my feet (very) wet. The water at the entrance was substantially deeper, but proved not too deep to drive the car through. But really, we didn't rescue it a moment too soon. By Monday AM, the water had risen enough that they had to close the garage, and it had flooded the bottoms of the building elevators.

The weekend featured a lot of breakfast…our traditional March maple-sugar expedition on Saturday and brunch Sunday. I also brought home cider doughnuts, both with and without maple cream on them. (I ate the last one this morning. Yum.) Now I need to get back to my exercise program. While visiting with yet other friends on Sunday, a folding chair collapsed underneath me. No damage done except to the chair, but I think I may need to cut back on the whole doughnut thing.

However, with driving around, eating and socializing comes knitting, and I managed a pretty steady amount of it through the weekend. Exhibit A: Jungle Socks.
Jungle socks
Two weeks for a pair of socks seems so much more reasonable than two months, don't you think?

Exhibit B: Non-beige mittens. (I feel so much better now.)
non-beige mittens

Exhibit C: Plain red socks. In Cascade 220 superwash- this was one of the gift yarn projects I mentioned the other day. It occurred to me that it's March already and I haven't started on the Christmas list. Besides—socks in worsted weight progress so gratifyingly quickly!
red socks

So far, it's Tuesday and nothing has broken, flooded, caught fire or collapsed underneath me. And the sun is out. Here's hoping for a less eventful week than the last couple.


  1. Beautiful colorway on those socks! Are they for you? 'Cause you totally deserve them. Just sayin'.

  2. At least good wool socks keep your feet warmer when wet... We helped evacuate an elderly couple a dozen years ago whose house was starting to flood--in our block on our street. We're on a rise and were okay.

  3. It took a 25 ft. extension on the sump pump pipe, but we ended up undrowned. Aiko thinks the mud in the yard is delightful, and my "flood projects" were sewing and finishing some painting. :)