Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Low Will She Go?

This week I finally caved. Gave in. Indulged in retail therapy. I had really wanted to hold out longer, but I finally had to splurge and go yarn shopping. See, my stash of worsted weight acrylic mitten yarn, last hope for the Hundred Projects challenge? Was down to this:
the dregs of the mitten stash

Now, it's certainly not that I don't have yarn. And I have a record-setting number of projects on the needles at the moment, at least for me. (Six. Since I'm sure you were desperately curious.) And it isn't even that I haven't bought yarn recently, since I splurged on some lovely sock yarn and a sweater's worth of other yarn for myself a couple of months ago, plus picked up some yarn for gift projects last week. Nope. This was pure self indulgence. The desire to not have to face another set of beige and yellow mittens for a while. A symptom of my utter boredness with all the mitten yarn I had. So, how rash, foolish and spendthrift was I?
new yarn!!!

Yes. I actually went out and bought four whole colorful skeins of acrylic. They weren't even on sale. I'm so embarrassed. But I'm casting on non-beige mittens this evening....


  1. Nothing like a little spending spree... :)

  2. crack me up! Those four skeins must have set you back a lunch (maybe two) at McDonalds. When I fall down, I do a much better job of it than that.

  3. Your Yank blood is crying. :)

  4. I remember (not too far) way back when that would have been a "score" situation for me! I still have some of that type of cheap acrylic yarn in my "to be knit for charity blankets" bin... hell, I may even have at least one of those colorways! Be proud, Robin. Those mittens need you!

  5. I'm not sure you want to hear about the 20% sale on some of the new things at Colourmart this week... (The downside is having to hank and wash the cones first, but they have some 30/70 cashmere/merino prewashed balls.)

    I'm bad!