Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About Time

With Toni zipping through her 30th FO and me stuck back at #23, I've been feeling a little pressured to get something done.

However, despite temptation- and my mother's gift of a giant bag of mitten-and-hat acrylic, I've been standing fast, and trying to finish a couple of things before casting on something new. And it took knitting in snatches all of last week, plus a couple of lengthy drives and a full day of socializing Saturday, but I finally have FOs to show you:
stretchy basket weave socks
FO#24 Stretchy Basket Weave Socks

These were stretchy all right. I suspect that I could fit a second foot in each one if I really wanted to. Yet they do fit me, barely stretched. Definitely it would be a good yarn to use if you were trying to make socks for someone whose foot size you didn't know exactly. I haven't worn them yet (the weekend was definitely wool-sock weather- cold and rainy), so time will tell if these stretch during wearing the way Toni's did.

Next up:
ruffled scarf
FO#25 Pink and White Ruffled Scarf
This was sort of experimental. I had these two odd skeins of funky cotton/acrylic. I thought they might make a good light 'accessory' kind of scarf. However the patterns I found for the 'potato-chip scarf' and the like were for bulky weight yarn. Which this certainly was not- sport weight would be closer. Still, I figured I'd see how it went adapting the pattern for a lighter yarn. Answer- not totally satisfactorily. The way the pattern works is by doubling the number of stitches every few rows and this quickly got to an excruciating number of stitches. I had originally considered whether to try adding the last two skeins of this yarn (which are sort of country blue), but quickly decided that casting off over a thousand stitches on a silly little scarf would drive me right round the bend. So I quit while I was ahead.

Still, having cast off *two* projects that were on the needles, I decided that I deserved a chance to play with the new yarn. Hence, the All-Day Beret in Random Pink Acrylic:
all day beret- small

Cute, eh? The pattern claims it 'fits most women'. Not so much. It may fit most women who take a small in hats. It has 104 stitches on #5 needles for the cast on (the main part of the hat is on #8s), which in most worsted weights is going to make a small hat. But no matter- since it's destined for the donation bin, I can easily make more in different sizes and colors! Or possibly the same new bag of yarn had approximately 8 skeins of pink, all different shades. It will be interesting to see just how many different hats or other things I can make with them!


  1. Love the colour of the socks. 100-110 stitches is about the size I do a hat for myself... and I have a small head!

  2. Hey! I'm working on a ruffly scarf right now. But I hadn't thought about binding off 1600 stitches. Yikes.

  3. 3 more FOs! Congrats from the other Toni, the one who has NOT eclipsed you or anyone in the FO area.

  4. Whoo hoo!!!!! I'm with you on the scarf--I just don't think I could face THAT many stitches to cast off. At least not on a scarf.

    VERY cute hat. I have a hat I made that should have fit me, and is of course WAY too big. So, if you ever run in to some sort of "three bears" family, if either of us can come up with a "just right" hat, we'll have them covered!!!!