Monday, August 2, 2010

Even I Can Keep A Resolution the First Day

Of course it helps to finish things when you spend your Sunday goofing off, for values of 'goofing off' = 'inviting friends over for the afternoon, and sitting around chatting with knitting in my hands'. Et voila!
fingerless mitts

The part where I couldn't get to sleep last night and got back up for another hour of knitting in the wee hours helped too, but I don't think I want to make that a habit. In a moment of needless drama this noontime when I was finishing these on my lunch break, I thought I might run out of *both* colors of yarn. As it happened, I only ran out of one, the dark brown, and that on the last round. (I just cast off a round early and shortened the first mitt to match.)

Very simple, very easy, but a nice solution for the over-air-conditioned office. I test drove them this afternoon and they're quite nice. Of course these are for my of these days I'll get around to making a pair for myself! (Possibly very soon, as they are fast, and fast projects is where I'm at this month!)


  1. Love the cropped-digit gloves! And 52 items so far, that's amazing. I need someone with a mojo-restoration spell to cast it my way, 'cause mine is long gone. Any suggestions, oh-lady-of-52-FOs-so-far?

  2. What is it with office air conditioning????

    Very cute mitts, though!