Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Happy This Week

For a whole bunch of reasons:
1. I have knit enough tulips to fill half of Holland. Okay, I'll admit that I still have to knit enough to fill the other half. And it's possible I may have solicited input from the knitting group Sunday in the hopes that they would say 'oh, totally this should be a short scarf' ...which they didn't... but it really is very pretty and springlike.

2. When the tulips start to become a little too much, I have been relaxing with a few simple mitred squares. I've long admired Valerie's mitred square blankets....though it's possible I should have been more cautious about starting a project she refers to as the 'crackghan'. It is very addictive. I catch myself saying, 'just one more', a lot. I love Valerie's scrappy blankets, but I don't have scraps, I have tons of baby solids. So I've turned to quilting for inspiration and am working the blanket from the center out. Here it is:
Mitred square blanket

3. Coffee and doughnuts. (Yesterday I decided that driving to work in yet more snow was a good excuse.)

4. My commutes, both yesterday and today, while snowy and slippery, were refreshingly free of drama and excitement. Possibly my fellow commuters had the fear of God put into them last week, but they have slowed down, kept a decent following distance, do not swerve in and out of lanes, nor have they run into one another and snarled traffic in such a way as to inconvenience me. You'd almost think we lived in a place that got snow regularly, where people are used to winter driving.

5. I am no longer sick. It wasn't a severe cold as these things go, but it's surprisingly annoying not to be able to breathe through your nose. Also, I was starting to look forward to swilling Nyquil and going to bed after dinner, which is just scary.

6. It's very snowy! My inner child is delighted. (The freezing rain, I'm not so fond of. But I have a huge bag of rock salt and I'm not afraid to use it.)

7. I scored the next three sequential episodes of Foyle's War at the library. Including both a season cliffhanger, and the episode *after* the season cliffhanger (whew!).

8. The cats have been providing excellent entertainment. Biscuit continues to spend more time out from under the bed. This morning they determined empirically that the cat castle is not big enough for both cats to occupy the middle level at once and Biscuit took over the back of the armchair instead for some companionable outdoors-watching.
Two cats taking in the view

9. The weather forecast for Saturday (the day of our concert) is clear!

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