Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Alas, it is not that I play a joke on you, dear readers, but that Mother Nature has played a joke on me. Happy Spring, everyone:
New England Spring Snow

Yes, that is my backyard this morning.

And while I'm posting (and since I'm feeling alliterative), I will also show you my myriad mittens:

Last night I finished the last pair, got everything labeled with size, fiber content and washing instructions, and decided that I should either have a wee lie-down, or else knit something else next. So I did both-cast on a hat and went to bed.

This morning (at far too early an hour) Biscuit was experiencing a state of general unspecified wantingness that manifested as roaming the house, meowing piteously. I tried food, water, an excursion onto the sun porch, patting, brushing etc. He liked all of these. However it was only when the humans ceased trying to lie down in a boring fashion and got up to add scenic interest to the house that he was satisfied. I think he's now settled down for a nice sleep- he's had a busy morning. And I'm about to have a busier one, as it is time for me to swallow the last of my badly needed caffeine and brave the roads. Hasta luego, amigos!

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