Friday, May 6, 2011

Exceptionally Randomly on a Friday

*I have set up a kind of Darwinian flowerbed cage match in my side yard, planting anything I could find that's supposed to do well in shade in an attempt to find something flowery that will grow there.

*Smart money is on the nasturtiums.

*I felt very smug at the gas station this morning, watching people spending a hundred dollars or more to fuel their massive SUVs and pickups.

*And even smugger when I remembered my faithful little compact station wagon has been paid for since 2002.

*And smugger yet, when I reflected we saved an additional 94 miles of driving this week by carpooling. (15.7 miles each way, whenever I drop my husband at the train station instead of us driving separately.)

*I keep seeing references to the book/movie "Water for Elephants" (which I have not seen). Every time, it reminds me of a prior book/movie, "Like Water for Chocolate" (which I also haven't seen) and I somehow merge the two and get bizarre images of chocolate elephants flashing through my brain.
chocolate elephants

*Who knew there were so many photos in Google Images of chocolate elephants?

*The short row heel has many benefits, but a few minutes of inattention can still bollix it up something fierce. Even if you've knit dozens of them before.

*However, knitting dozens of short row heels does mean you have a shot at fixing it without ripping the whole thing out.

*Though you may need to try a couple of times before fixing it right.

*I have never before known a cat who comes quietly up behind you, stretches up, and pats you on the rear to let you know that he is hungry.

*I want to know who ordered more rainy cold March weather. It was bad enough when it actually happened in March. In May, I want to find out if there is a returns policy.

*Thick and Quick chenille makes charming and very fast scarves. (I knit both of these last Saturday.) I wore the black one to work Monday, and was very glad to have it- I cuddled into it all day against the chill of my office.
two chenille scarves

*Yes, I really do think like this. Don't feel bad if you have trouble following it, I often have to pause and retrace a train of thought through a dozen steps to figure out how I got from the weather to chocolate elephants myself.


  1. LOL! Is that a pat with or without the claws extended?

  2. mmmmm Chocolate. "Water for Elephants" is a wonderful book. I read it several months ago.

  3. My mind works like that....

    I had a cat who would jump from the floor to your shoulder when you were standing... was kinda cute when he was a kitten - but became very painful when he grew!

  4. Oh, I'm with you all the way - my brain works that way, too!

    I had a cat once who would hop very lightly onto the bed in the morning, sit next to my head, carefully extend one (one!) claw, and poke me in the nose with it to tell me she wanted me to pet her.

  5. I can recommend "Water for Elephants," too. I read it years ago (like when it first came out) and don't remember the details clearly (too many books read since), but I remember liking it.

    On a weather note, we're supposed to hit 94 today. Glad I'll be sleeping by then... and glad the a/c is working.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Ok, I thought it was just me for getting the chocolate elephant images. That one in the media has been doing the same thing to my brain.