Saturday, January 28, 2012


I finally got around to blocking the scarf and wearing it to work Friday.
Foreign Correspondent Scarf

The Foreign Correspondent Scarf in Valley Yarns Charlemont, colorway Evergreen.

I was introduced to this pattern by Toni, and after knitting I have to say I really envy her lace-knitting speed. This took me forever, and that was before I let it sit for three weeks before blocking it! But it's very pretty and soft and it keeps my neck warm in my often-chilly office, so I'm pleased that I finally got the blocking done.


  1. That would be the "other Toni," of course.

    It's lovely and well worth the wait. Although your neck might not appreciate that you didn't put that warm scarf around it 3 weeks ago!

    1. Yes, that's her post on the first of her two(!) Foreign Correspondent scarves that I linked to.

      And truly, it's been so danged warm up here that I've hardly missed it. We have only had a couple of small snow storms, and it's all melted. It was in the 50s over the weekend. Even today- they'd predicted colder but it was already above freezing when I left this morning. It's actually kind of worrying. My irises keep trying to put leaves up, and if we don't get some colder weather soon, there won't be any maple syrup in March at all.

  2. Pretty scarf! I want to make one now. LOL No wonder my husband calls me side-track Sally.

    1. So many things to knit, not nearly enough time!