Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I Have Been Reminded Of This Week (Or Could Have Deduced Had I Thought About It)

Warning, this post is not for the squeamish.

1. It is remarkably easy to confuse minor intestinal distress of the type that passes off quickly with the onset of a virulent stomach bug. (Yes, you're getting a clue how my week has gone.)

2. It is vastly better to recognize that you have a misidentified the illness and go home sick before you start throwing up. (Yes, thankfully, I did.)

3. Having a large fluffy cat inquisitively trying to figure out what you are doing while you are busy throwing up is even less help that you think. (Really.)

4. While it is useful to know that you get lightheaded when in the grip of intestinal distress, and to have communicated same to your devoted spouse, it is still mildly alarming to him to witness it. (Compared to the appalling and never-to-be-forgotten food poisoning incident, this was trivial, but he wasn't there for that one.)

5. Passing out and diving face-first onto the floor leaves painful bruises, as well as inflicting grievous wounds on one's dignity. (Fortunately, entirely superficial and not even especially visible- the bruises and the dignity both.)

6. The strategic application of a large bottle of gatorade is exceedingly useful in shortening one's recovery time from a virulent stomach bug. (Really and truly- I felt tired and like bland foods were good idea, but otherwise pretty normal the next day.)

7. Sometimes a week feels short to you because you really did miss a day. (Tuesday, if anyone is counting.)

And on a far happier note:

8. Cabled knitting is still very soothing and hypnotic.
More crew neck Aran sweater

9. But when you really need a project that will fit in your pocket, a sock is your go-anywhere knit of choice.
sock in progress

So, how was your week? Better, I hope!


  1. Sounds like it was better than yours. Feel better soon. BTW, I had that stomach bug and it SUCKS!

  2. Oh no!!!! Glad to hear you're feeling better. What a terrible week!!!

  3. Much better than yours, apparently. I am very happy to hear you're feeling much better and that you're feeling up to knitting. So pretty (both projects)!

  4. Ugh - sorry you were feeling unwell (I think i am on the very of something similar)
    Aren't cats just so helpful when you're sick? I swear mine are extra bad when I'm barely mobile!

  5. Bleh! I'm so sorry to hear about your Tuesday - it sounds very unfun! Glad to hear that you're on the mend, though...