Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Multi-Color March Mittens

More multicolor March mittens 
Like potato chips, you really can't stop with just one!

Also it's been a nutty week- errands and blood donation and concerts and social engagements.  We went to the see the Chieftans on their 50th anniversary tour in Boston on Wednesday.   That was in Symphony Hall, only a few blocks from the transformer fire that blacked out most of Back Bay (a big chunk of downtown, for those not familiar with Boston).   It was quite eerie, walking around the city streets and seeing few lights and nearly everything closed. 

There were huge generators parked in the streets (the power company was using a combination of jump cables from adjoining grids and large generators to restore power to the two grids that went down- apparently the transformers themselves are not easy repairs).    The fellow who introduced the concert told us that it had taken a call to the mayor and a bunch of frantic work by electrical crews to get power to Symphony Hall for the concert.  They got a big round of applause, as we wouldn't have wanted to miss it. 

And it was an excellent concert- great traditional and modern music, dancers, and a guest appearance by the North Shore Bagpipe troop.  (When you're the Chieftans, and you call someone up and ask for pipers, you get them.)   Fantastic. 

Yestereday, we had friends over, and then went to see the marvelous Matt and Shannon Heaton at our local coffeehouse.

Today we anticipate being taxing (as in we're seeing our tax preparer) and then have an afternoon concert and then are zipping up to Maine to see my parents for dinner.

But it has all been good for the portable knitting, though not so much for the Celtic sweater which is waiting for me to figure out the neck shaping.   Real Soon Now.  I think I feel the mitten thing starting to wind down.


  1. Fiftieth anniversary tour? Wow. Glad they were able to perform and that you got to go.

    1. Yes! Aside from the difficulty of rescheduling people who tour internationally, it's not like we can count on these guys being with us forever. We were quite thrilled to get to see them live.