Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So there I was last night, pool under control, ready to get back to my sweater....and then I realized I was sitting in the recliner with this falling off my needles:
Frosted Glow Scarf
I certainly hadn't been thinking about knitting a scarf.   Hadn't planned to knit a scarf.  But there I was... with a scarf.   Pushy little thing, isn't it? 

The pattern is the Frosted Glow Cowl, though I made it longer as I wanted to use up the yarn.  I finished it this evening and wove in the ends.  Possibly the fastest scarf ever.  But I'm still not quite sure how it happened.


  1. I love projects that fly like that. The pattern is very pretty!

  2. It's a gorgeous scarf! Yay for channeling the knitting muse!

  3. Oh, it's lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And I'm not just saying that because it was a fast knit--I swear)

  4. That happens sometimes. And it's gorgeous!