Saturday, May 12, 2012


It was another one of those weeks consumed with employment and employment-related activity like commuting.  I'm not entirely clear on the reason, but rain seems to double my commute time four days out of five...and it rained all five days this week.   At any rate, on the rare occasion I actually had a few minutes to pick up my knitting, I was usually too tired to remember what I was doing with it.  But this morning I managed to finish off a couple of WIPs that had been lying around, and I can show you the Celtic cable sweater, which has grown since its last appearance.  So.   There were mittens, of course- my go-to knitting when I need something requiring no thought.
more mittens
This morning I finally found a minute to finish the swatch I was using to work out how to do closed cable loops, and then applied it to this hat.  When I started it, I thought it was going to be just cabled diamonds, but I didn't like the way it was coming out, and one of the brilliant and inventive crowd that populate the local knitting group suggested hearts, which I liked a good deal better.
cable heart hat

And then of course the aforementioned sweater.  The collar is almost done (important since I wanted an exact length before I buy a zipper) and my next step, hopefully tomorrow, will be to cast on a sleeve.
celtic cable sweater body
Not the whole WIP roster- I've actually had the fine-gauge bamboo sweater out (stockinette has been about my speed, most of the time), and there's a baby blanket I want to get back to.  And I doodled a lot of quilt designs during meetings this week.   But this puts a couple more FOs on my list and into the random knitwear bag.   And I anticipate a few more working brain cells this week, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up the pace...and cast on something new!  Because what better way is there to celebrate finishing things?


  1. All the projects look great.
    And yeah - rain is the death of commuting - it's like everyone forgets how to drive!

    1. On rainy days, most traffic slows down a bunch...and a few idiots try to drive like traffic is moving at normal speed, have accidents, and create huge traffic jams. On top of extra long work days, it was just the frosting on the cupcake. I think I slept half the weekend. However, things should be better this week- the all-day meetings (followed by frantically trying to catch up on other work) are done.

  2. Good luck with work, and I love your mitts and hat and sweater!

    Here, you don't want to be on the freeway the first day it rains in six months, after the summer dry season is over: all the accumulated oil on the road is suddenly slippery and people have no idea that weather should affect their driving habits.

    I hope your commute is easy and painless this week.

  3. Or to celebrate being CLOSE to finishing something.............:)