Saturday, July 21, 2012

Monogamy is Overrated

Project monogamy, anyway.   The blanket is a mere few rounds (of nearly 1000 stitches each) from finished, but I am giving it a breather in favor of a new pair of socks, and a crocheted beret. 

Having the computer with the SD card reader, when you forget the USB A to B cable, however is not overrated.   Photos will have to wait until I can force my devices to talk to one another. 


  1. Now I'm not responsible for that beret................

  2. Oh, Toni, are you sure 'bout that? You're (in)famous for your SMPs (simultaneous multiple projects), you know.

    And Robin, sometimes you just need a little quickie when the longie is frustrating the bejeebers out of you. (What?! I'm *am* still talking about knitting, silly!)