Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo Shoot

Well, once again I'm reunited with technology that lets me get pictures off the camera. It's been a busy couple of weeks, not least because I haven't been home much.  But to console me for missing all that house and yard work, I've been packing a heavy load of knitting.  That's what finally allowed me to finish the mitered square baby blanket.  

I was inspired by Valerie of Wandering Cat Studio who wrote some excellent instructions.  But since I mainly had pastel solids I decided to borrow an idea from quilting and worked from the center out so I could assemble the squares in an overall pattern. 

I also released the Celtic Cable Sweater from time out, ripped back the collar,  re-knit it smaller, and sewed the ends of the zipper back in.   From the front:

And from the back:

Naturally it's now too warm to wear it.  But I'm looking forward to wearing it in the fall. 

Then there was the blue beret.  Sometimes you just need a project you can whip through in a couple of days.  

And then, because Toni-in-Idaho was beaming sock thoughts at me...okay, and because I needed a project that didn't require a large bag to carry it around, I cast on socks.  You will note that they are neither gray, nor solid, nor pastel.  I thought at this point I needed a little color in my life.

So there it is, the last couple of weeks in yarn.  Astonishing how much you can get done when you have a lousy internet connection, isn't it?  


  1. You've been busy and they all look fantastic! I love the baby blanket!

  2. At least I inspired you to make some really cute socks!

  3. That sweater is gorgeous! And those socks are totally happy-making colors.