Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pro-tips of the Week

1. Observe the orientation of the hole in the sippy-top of your thermal mug before attempting to drink. This will save you pouring coffee down your shirt.   (This alas follows the incident some years ago when I poured a regular glassful of something down my shirt and my younger sister asked me in a sweet, kindly tone, "Robin, do we need a cup with a sippy-top?"  For the record, the answer was 'yes'....)

2. Check the size of the needles you grabbed out of your bag before casting on. Vaguely remembering what you threw in a few days ago is no substitute for actually noticing that you're casting on using sixes instead of eights.

3. When the hat comes out sized for a 30" diameter head, do not assume that it will magically become smaller just because you knit another couple of inches. Frog it now.

4. Going to bed early instead of doing dishes may be result in being better rested, but it will do nothing to clean the dishes.

5. If your boss didn't give you the details of the job he wants you to follow up on before he left on vacation it's probably because it's already late.

6. Driving southbound on the northbound lane of the highway is a bad idea*.

7. When in doubt**, knit a hat***.

*This was not me. Yes, I did call 911 when I saw the other guy doing it. Along with a zillion other people.
**What can I say, there's been a lot of doubt this week.
***Unless you're a cat, in which case you should lounge on the sun porch.  Assuming you're not already busy subduing the yarn.


  1. The hats look great!
    And the cats are the smart ones...
    And I'm glad I'm not the only one with sippy cap issues!

  2. Yow. Hope they didn't hit anyone.

    My father actually pulled that stunt once. I want his license taken away (he's 86) but haven't succeeded yet.

    Sorry about that hat. You frog mine and I'll frog yours? I had a cabled hat, the one for the piano guy, and didn't realize till it was almost done that I'd dropped two stitches right down at the ribbing where I change circs as I go. Those two purl stitches are in too tight an area to get up there.

    1. Ah, mine got frogged and reknit right away. And I hate those unfixable errors--there's something so satisfying about fiddling for a few minutes and chaining up the runner without having to rip back!

  3. To even the scales, the same sister who asked you about sippy cups is now known as the stain queen.

    1. If you're going to do it at all, be the best at it?

    2. AND be royalty at it. :)