Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cut to the Chase

I feel like it's been a little blah in the blogging department here lately (aside from the bird invasion), but the truth is, there has been working, working, collapsing in a pile of books on the weekend and more working the last few weeks.   But there has been some knitting going on around the edges. 

For example, in a fit of boredom with everything else I was knitting a couple of weeks ago, I went through my pile of patterns-I mean-to-knit-Real-Soon-Now and cast on a Falling Water scarf.    Saturday I finally had a chance to block it.

I also finally finished the socks I've been working on for approximately the last two months.   Apparently I wasn't in the mood for plain knitting.  I expect these to be very comfy basic socks.  They're a tad more blue than they look in this photo.

There are the usual random mittens kicking around.  There would be more, but I have a pair in time out waiting to be reunited with the main color of yarn, which was left at a friend's house.   I'm not entirely certain whether I failed to pack it back in the knitting bag, or whether the resident felines thought it looked intriguing and helped themselves.   (I feel so at home with loaner cats to help me knit.)

And speaking of 'helpful' cats, Biscuit has renewed his interest in my breakfast cereal.  Or rather with the milk that is on the cereal.  He's looking shyly aside in this photo:

But don't underestimate him.  It's only because I was pointing the box-that-makes-nasty-flashes at him.   The truth came out a few minutes later:

I do have to keep a close eye on him, because if my attention wanders from the bowl I'll have a fuzzy face stuck in it before I can say 'That's my raisin bran, you twerp!'.   One of these mornings I'm going to eat chili for breakfast, just to weird him out. 


  1. Lovely scarf, Robin. And please tell me how I can become an always-has-a-pair-of-socks-on-the-needles kinda knitter, because I can't seem to get there. To me, socks are a "real" project (whereas boobie hats are quick and easy/no-pattern-required things) and I'm a monogamous knitter, so, um, yeah.

  2. I have a cereal kitty too. If I take too long to give him the leftovers, I get a paw sneaking up to hook the side of the bowl. He has pulled it out of my hands before too.

  3. Wow! Pretty scarf. Sneaky cat! Keep the camera handy if you do have chilli for breakfast.

    1. I haven't tried the chili yet, but I had the greatest difficulty this morning in getting to eat cider doughnuts without assistance. Biscuit appears to have internalized the idea that 'Mummy eats yummy stuff in the morning'...and now whatever I've got he wants to check out, and possibly lick, so as to be sure I'm not holding out on him.

    2. That is hilarious! Maybe you should eat really unappetizing things for a couple days and see if that changes things. Although the exercise you probably get from playing keep away saves you a trip to the gym. LOL