Saturday, October 20, 2012


For once I've had an entire weekend day at home.  No place I had to be, nothing I absolutely had to do.   It's been a very pleasant day puttering, reading, drinking mocha coffee, rescuing the butter dish from Biscuit's earnest attempt to pry the cover off,  and weaving in ends on a few FOs.  Mittens, of course. 

I've also started a couple of new projects.  A scarf:

The yarn is gorgeous, but I'm not entirely happy with the pooling, and the way the pattern is working with the colorway.   I'll probably give it a few more inches before I decide if it's working or not. 

The other project I'm quite pleased with.  More socks:
The yarn is Valley Yarns Huntingdon, and I'm really liking the way it shows off the cabling. 

And now I still have a couple more hours to watch Castle, resist Cookie's incessant begging for cat food, and maybe bake some blueberry muffins. (Cookie has just curled up beside me on the couch- it makes it easier to monitor incipient cat-feeding behavior.)   Gotta run.  Well.  Gotta pet the cat, then run....

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  1. If you want to cure kitties of butter-stealing - try leaving some garlic butter out for them. We accidentally did that with an old cat of ours - she got a tongue full of the garlic and never went near regular butter again!

    I hate it when yarn and patterns don't play well together - so frustrating!