Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Watch

Hard to say how much wind we'll get from Hurricane Sandy,  but it doesn't hurt to take some basic precautions.  I've got all the pool hardware put away, and brought in the the deck furniture.  It won't hurt to hold the trash until next week, and the recycling bin that usually sits on the steps outside is now in the kitchen.    There's dry kindling inside for the woodstove, oil for the oil lamp, and some food we can eat without cooking if we lose power.  I'm not terribly concerned- we're very close to a busy commercial strip so we're in an area that generally gets power back first after an outage.  And we've lost so many big trees in the last few ice and snow storms that most any branches weak enough to come down have already fallen. 

Cookie and Biscuit are also ready- they've found comfortable sleeping spots where they can stay warm and observe the humans taking care of anything that needs taking care of.

Today I went down to the local charity knit-a-thon, now in it's third year.  Knitters were ready, and we filled a table with donations at our kickoff party.

Once we showed off our donations, we hung out, knit, had snacks, and generally had a fiber-filled good time.

I finished weaving in ends and tagging the last few pairs of mittens to donate on the spot.

The closing party and final knit-a-thon donations will be collected in early December.  So plenty of time to whip through a few more donations before the holidays.  (Don't worry, Mom, I didn't donate everything here- I've still got a bunch of mittens for the Holiday Baskets collection too.)

But certainly I've got plenty to knit should say, my workplace lose power and I get an unexpected day off.  (Hah.  This is not actually likely- my workplace loses power even less frequently than my house does.)   Still- all we can do now is wait and see what happens.  See you on the flip side.  


  1. You look like you were ready - I hope everything ended up staying warm and dry!

  2. Hope you're surviving the storm! I think the cats have the right approach!