Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anticipating a Long Weekend

The last week has been particularly....weeklike.   Which is to say stuff happened.

1.  My ancient and venerable Saturn has at last passed on to the Great Scrap Heap in the sky.  I more than got my money's worth- 13 years and 234,000 miles.  And I'm rather looking forward to not, say, standing in my driveway pouring oil into the engine in January.  Or having the visor on the driver's side suddenly fall in front of my eyes when I'm driving.   Or having some rather important piece of vehicle break and strand me by the side of the road.   But it's still a bit sad to see it go. 

2.  As a direct consequence of #1, I spend a good chunk of the week researching cars.  I hate shopping.  I really hate shopping for cars.  The only saving grace was the ability to do the worst of it on the internet.

4.  I settled on a used 2011 Toyota Prius. So far, I'm liking it, though it's going to take me a while to get used to the differences.

5.  I'm still knitting that scarf.  Or perhaps I should say that I'm not yet finished with the scarf, which is both the partial cause and effect of swapping off with a couple of different projects.

6.  Such as, when in doubt, knit a hat.  

7.  And I whipped through a nice little pair of fingerless mitts for a coworker who was freezing at her desk.  These wound up being a few rows shorter than originally planned, as I ran out of yarn.  There was some last minute robbing Peter to pay Paul to make them come out the same size. 

And now I am so looking forward to the long weekend.   Wherein I will visit and eat and play with yarn.   And then repeat it until I run out of weekend.  Here's hoping yours will be as pleasant. 


  1. Car buying is the worst! But your projects look great!

  2. My car is 13 years old and half the mileage of your Saturn but it's a Chrysler minivan, and so it keeps trying to be in its death throes. And my daughter badly needs her own vehicle. (I'm about to kick her off mine if she doesn't get with it.) Any words of wisdom on used-car shopping, I'd love to hear, if you can bear to deal with the whole subject again.

    Right now some of the used ones on dealer's lots are essentially the same price as new ones. Makes no sense.