Saturday, November 3, 2012


I think someone must have hit fast forward, because the week has fairly flown.  I still had power when I got home from work on Monday (driving through wind driven rain), so I threw some bread in the breadmaker and then we had grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread and leftover chili for a quick dinner.   It turned out to be unnecessary to rush- the power only flickered once and never went off.   At the height of the storm I could hear the firecracker-like pop of branches snapping, but nothing big came down near me.   Some of my co-workers lost power; mostly the ones who live in wooded areas.   Most had it back in a day or so.  My work didn't lose power either.  So- great for us, but there was a good deal more damage on the coast, and of course folks further south are going to be a long time recovering.

I did find time during the week to rip and reknit the scarf, this time in linen stitch.  I absolutely love it.  The pooling is a thing of the past. 

Today my parents came to visit.  They said they wanted to see us, but I know better.  It's the grandcats who were the stars of the show.  And Biscuit was very brave. He actually let my dad pat him.   After they left, the cats were completely worn out.  Cookie retreated to the cat castle:

And Biscuit sacked out in his favorite armchair.  Note the sleepy look.

No napping for me, though.  Today was the first day I was home in daylight without rain since the storm.  My husband raked, and I picked up kindling in the yard and piled it with the firewood, then fished tree branches, and then the pool cover out of the pool and re-secured the edges to the deck.  No big surprise that the pool cover had come adrift in that wind.  I'm just happy it stayed in my yard- it could easily have taken off in the wind and come down somewhere west of the Berkshires. 

I also got caught up with housework, laundry and went in to the library to return some books and pick up more, including the latest Mike Shepherd which they were holding for me.  I do love my library.  It isn't as pretty as the gorgeous historic building in the town where I grew up, but it's large, well stocked, and the staff are terrific. Admittedly I'm predisposed to love any place that is full of books.

For my last trick, I built a nice fire in the woodstove.  Biscuit and Cookie have both discovered that the chair in front of the woodstove is a nice warm spot:

(Cookie has a warm spot too, he's asleep on my lap, making it deuced difficult to type.)

Lots to do tomorrow as well- we need more leaf bags,  I've got some work work to do, and of course knitting.  I'm probably going to be trying to stick mostly to Christmas knitting for a while.  My ratio of UFOs to FOs on the holiday list is nowhere near where it should be!


  1. Glad you and the kitties made it through the storm okay.

    The scarf looks fantastic. I too will be cracking down on Christmas projects.

  2. Wow--your cleanup activities make me tired just to read! I'd probably just be curled up with the cats in front of that fire!

  3. Wow.... what a great productive day. Now..... don't do anything on Sunday. You earned it! LOL

  4. That scarf looks brilliant; I especially like the colors. Very soothing.

    I've recently gotten tired of knitting scarves and moved on to tackling things I've never done before (like sweaters), but I'm thinking now that it would be nice to go back to something that doesn't need sleeves!

    1. Thanks! I love the yarn (Madtosh DK, colorway "Envy"), and the way it's working in the pattern.

      I usually have 2-6 projects going because I spend a lot of time not at home, and I like to have a couple of easy/small things that travel well (scarves, mittens, socks) to balance out larger or more complex projectst (like sweaters) that are either too complicated or too large and awkward to be able to pick up and put down when I'm out and about.