Friday, December 28, 2012

Lazy Vacation

It's pretty unusual for me to take time off without planning to cram it with activities.   This is the laziest vacation I can recall in some years.  Even Biscuit is lying down on the job.  He thinks he's helping me update the blog, but I'm not so sure he's giving his full attention to the task.

Of course the first weekend was devoted to finishing up the Christmas knits.  Nothing major there, but a bunch of small projects.  I blocked the linen stitch scarf. 

I finished up the moss cable socks. 

I made a pair of Mammoth Woolly House Socks for my sister, who lives in a drafty farmhouse and is all about the woolly. 

And last but not least, I whipped through a pair of fingerless mitts for my brother in law, who spends many hours at the keyboard in the same farmhouse. 

As you can see, nothing especially complicated, but it was nice to have them done.  Alas, the stealth project remained incomplete.  As you can see, a plain sweater.  It will make more progress as soon as I do a little math for the neck shaping.

 Since Christmas, it has been lazy in part because my husband and I have both picked up the head cold that has been going around.  Him worse than me, but it's certainly sapped our ambition for running around.  So I've been idly doing odds and end of things.  I tried Tama's bagel recipe.   Which I am happy to report is delicious.  A little too much fussing over the stove for me to make often, but a perfect vacation baking project. 

I cast on a pair of mittens for no better reason than my knitting bag was across the room and I had yarn and needles for mittens right at hand. (How's that for lazy?)

And then I also knit a second pair of Mammoth Woolly House Socks, since I had yarn left from the first pair.  (These are done in Lion Brand Thick and Quick, and take about a skein and a half a pair.)

Plus, I've read a few books, teased the cats and generally had a slothful good time.  I do have a few things it would be nice to get done, but I'm not going to worry about them.  Because worrying is on the top of my list Not to Do on Vacation. 


  1. Nothing wrong with a little sloth! Cats know best...right?!!

    1. The cats make me look like an amateur at sloth!

  2. It's a good year for a lazy vacation--says the knitter typing while laying in bed............:)

  3. This sounds like an excellent vacation (barring the head colds). Sometimes Not Doing Much is what's called for!