Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Okay.  I know I've been lax, but how the devil did it get to be nearly a month since my last post?    For that matter, how did we get to one week before Christmas without me doing more than occasionally thinking, 'Yeah, sure, I've only got 5 or 6 projects to finish.  No worries.'    (I wrote this draft yesterday and then promised myself faithfully that I would download photos and post it last night.  Instead I crawled into bed and collapsed.  There's nothing like a fluffy cat romping over you in the middle of the night to disrupt your sleep patterns.)

So, in the interest of figuring out what the heck happened, I made a list. (I like that sort of thing- and sometimes it's even useful.)

Things I've Been Doing Instead of Christmas Knitting.

Other knitting-  The knit-a-thon closing party was a few weeks ago- we raised a bunch of money for the local food bank and donated many-many knitted items to several different charities.  (Place where knitting photos would go if I hadn't experienced a total blog fail last night.)

Playing withLearning about the features of my new car. Not to mention enjoying the novelty of having a CD player.   The whole thing where I get in the car, and press the power button to turn it on instead of messing around with keys?  Just never gets old.

Reading. I'm really not sure what came over me. I've always loved to read, but I've consumed ridiculous amounts of fiction this year.

Traveling to Washington DC.:    Awesome weekend a couple of weeks ago. While the northeast enjoyed freezing drizzle, my husband and I walked around DC in 60 degree weather, enjoying the sun. Every so often I'd look over at him and say 'Freezing drizzle!' and laugh like a loon. We also went to Library of Congress, which is an incredibly gorgeous building. They had a Civil War exhibition going- we also went to the Civil War art exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery and visited Ford's Theater- we saw Lincoln the movie a couple of weeks ago (not the one with vampires) and so we had it on our minds. The National Air and Space Museum is a long time favorite- both of us are engineers, science fiction fans, and my husband has a degree in astronomy. We went to see the Hubble film in iMax. I'm not sure the 3D added all that much, and I'm not an iMax fan generally, but the Hubble space imagery sure looked fabulous on the big screen.   (I forgot my camera, so you'll have to take my word for it that there were still flowers blooming there in November.  Also answers the question, "What's worse than forgetting to download the pictures on your camera?"  "Forgetting the camera.")

Baking- for Christmas, of course. Lessons learned this week...fig bars are sticky and the part where the recipe says 'roll the dough into a rectangle, cut it into strips and fold them over the filling'?  Is a complete fantasy. I'm considering re-engineering the assembly of the cookie to improve manufacturability. But that's a project for next year.  (I did make the recipe this year, but I'm calling the bars 'rustic' in appearance.)

Working. I'm kind of puzzled about this 'slow recovery' I keep hearing about, because my company is crazy-busy.   It's a good problem to have, but it does keep us hopping.   (Also, if we were less busy, I'd have planned to take a day off this week so I could enjoy Christmas preparations in a more leisurely manner.)

Giving cats attention. The cooler temperatures has resulted in lots of cat lap sitting. And sleeping late on weekends. Because there's nothing like a purring cat curled up beside you to make you feel all drowsy, warm and comfortable. Not to mention making it deuced difficult to move.   Now I just want to know why the devil they only curl up and purr softly on weekends, whereas on weeknights he(Biscuit) sticks his nose in my ear and purrs at high volume until I wake up.  (This has led to the use of 'porch' as a verb in our household, as in, "Biscuit was porched this morning for two hours when when he woke me up for the third time."  The porch is an enclosed sun porch, so although it's cool, it's not too cold for a cat with fluff as thick as Biscuit's to be out there for a couple of hours.)

So.  I shall return-- with pictures of knitting, cats etc-- with my camera or upon it.   (And notice how I've cunningly avoided committing to an actual date or time.)


  1. It's amazing how time just slips away.

    I now how you're feeling about cats and sleep deprivation. The meds I'm on have a habit of giving me a very upset stomach at 3 a.m. this in itself is not helpful, but it would be manageable if only I could crawl back into bed afterwards with out a cat going... "hey... you're awake - you totally want to pet me right????" And continually sticking his wet nose in my ear.

    In addition to that, Tux is not doing too well (kidney disease) and right now his favourite way to "cope" is by sleeping on or between my knees, making it absolutely impossible to get comfortable.

    But of course - this all only happens on weeknights. Weekends, we all sleep peacefully well into the late morning (helped by the fact that Dave has gotten up and gone to work, leaving the four of us the whole bed)

  2. I finally sat myself down and told myself I did not have to knit anything this very year for this in-law while fearing she would object to style, color, anything--I don't have to knit anything right this very moment at all (since the color I really want to make I don't own yet and would take a week to get here from Colourmart.)

    Amazing how much easier that release makes it to finally go sit down and knit. I'd been avoiding it.

    Enjoy the new car!