Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back on the Wagon

I'm currently entertaining the hypothesis that I get more knitting done when I'm away from home.   Certainly this past weekend supports that.  I spent the whole weekend away; traveling as a passenger in the car, visiting, socializing and listening to music.  All eminently knit-friendly activities.  Evidence in point:

1.  Cable-cuff mitts- done.

2.  Socks- done.   This is more of the Lang Jawol yarn.  Very nice.  I like the patterns.  (Note that I cast on the toe of the second sock on Friday night and was halfway through the cast off of the cuff when we pulled back in on Sunday.   Not the fastest ever, but pretty expeditious.)

3.  Alpaca sweater- not done, but after visualizing the design for several days,  I reluctantly concluded that I really didn't like the transition between the two colors at the ribbing.   The colors aren't close enough to blend, and they don't have enough contrast to make a good design element.   So I ripped the rest of the ribbing and cast on again in the lighter color.  I'm still going to have to deal with a transition, of course, but I have a plan for that.  
"Mmm, alpaca!"
 As you can see in the photo above, Biscuit is still all about helping me with whatever I'm doing.

 Cookie, on the other hand, has discovered bird videos.   They don't actually distract him from eating, probably because they stimulate his appetite.   It's funny to watch because he paws at the screen, and then goes around to the back to try and figure out where the birds are.    It's clearly not as interesting as real birds, but it's got a certain something. 
"Hey!  There's birds in there!"
"Are they back here?"
"Well, how about here?"
Needless to say, he was a bit miffed with us being away all weekend.  No thumbs (crucial to the opening of cat food cans), no cat toys, no bird videos.  Life is so harsh.  (The part where one of our friends stopped by, topped off the food and played with them he somehow forgot to mention.)

And now it's time for some hot cider, yarn, and Midsomer Murders on video.  Pretty much the perfect trio for a winter evening. 


  1. Driving is great for knitting - unless you're the driver of course!

    Cookie is too funny. The only cat interested in birds at my house is Peno. The boys are too lazy

    1. We have the cat castle set up next to a window with a birdfeeder right outside. When there are birds there, Cookie crouches tensely and chitters at them. Biscuit's not as dedicated a birdwatcher, but if he sees them, he gets excited too. They also like to watch the squirrels and chipmunks in the backyard, but this time of year the sun porch is too chilly for more than an occasional brief inspection tour.

  2. Ha! Too funny. Love the knitting, especially the socks. Hope you had a good evening. I love "Midsomer Murders."