Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stash Diving

My knitting group is planning a yarn swap, so I decided that this weekend would be a good time to do a thorough review of the stash.    I tend to think of myself as not having an extremely large stash, but I was forced to admit as I ferreted out all the bags, bins, boxes and canisters that it may be threatening to get a little out of hand.

That's the lot of it- less one box which turned up a bit later.    I was forced to exercise a great deal of willpower as I went, because at every turn I was reminded of projects that I wanted to do and wanted to stop then and there to cast on.   Particularly as I went through the rather surprising amount of yarn that I have in sweater quantities.  Clearly I have to devote some more time to sweaters, as the current rate of one or two a year is not moving this very quickly.  This is the wools and acrylics for warm winter knits.

 And this is the cotton, linen and lightweight coned yarn for summer tops and other projects.

Naturally, I was not obliged to tackle this chore solo.  Cookie was unwilling to interrupt his regularly scheduled naptime to assist, but Biscuit proved more than willing.   He helped to sort yarn:

And he was especially keen on frogging a couple of WIPs that came along with gift yarn.  (Don't let the sleepy look fool you.  He was quite ready to bite that ribbing if it were to try anything.)

At the end of it, I had selected a large bag of yarn to go away.   The remaining yarn was sorted by weight and fiber content and moved into useful containers.  Here we have sport weight acrylic, sock yarn, and the wool bucket.   Various random cones were moved into the cone-and-lightweight bin.  I'm quite low on worsted, so that's in a smaller canister that isn't in the photo.

And then as it turned out, the yarn swap was postponed.   Any guesses?

If your guess was "yet more snow", you win the prize.   Fortunately the knitting group still met, so I was able to pass off the yarn I'd selected to someone who will be there on the rescheduled date. And really?  I think I can manage without it. 


  1. Biscuit looks like a very able helper.
    Enjoy the snow. they say we have more coming, but it may come down as rain depending on the temps.

  2. Oh, pretty, pines and snow...

  3. May I interest you in March Sweater Madness?