Monday, October 28, 2013

I Love the Whooshing Sound of FOs Being Completed

My husband and the Red Sox deserve some credit for all these- he's got me listening to games on the radio with him...otherwise known as prime knitting time.   I told you I'd finished another set- this one is hat, mittens, and scarf.  I went to take a photo, but at the last minute, Biscuit had to inspect the way it was laid out. 

After a few adjustments were made, I was allowed to take the photo without a large fluffy cat obstructing the view.  (By 'adjustments' I mean removing the large fluffy cat.)

Fortunately, Cookie was willing to supervise in a paws-off fashion.  I really didn't need more help. 
He likes the afghan my grandmother made me.
In the middle of the week, I did a couple of pairs of mittens.  These were actually worked concurrently because I didn't have a pair of scissors handy and it was easier to cast on another pair than get up off the couch in the middle of a DVD.  This either makes me lazy or efficient.  (You can guess which adjective I prefer!)
And then we went down to see a game on the weekend with friends- the little theatre in their downtown was showing the World Series on the big screen.  For that I needed something with contrast that I could knit in low light...hence, another variation on the diamond colorwork pattern.  I will note that contrast doesn't help as much as you would think when you repeatedly mess up the pattern.  But a subsequent game on the radio let me finish.
In this one, I moved the row of small diamonds over the large ones--but because I was making a larger size, I actually wound up putting two rows of small diamonds there.  One of these days I'll do a hat with two rows of diamonds arranged symmetrically above and below the larger motif.   But not today. 

There's going to be at least one more game in the World Series, so I'm thinking maybe I should focus on those dratted cotton socks.  It would be nice to finish those off before I spend a lot more time on the next two pairs of socks I've cast on...I did mention I'd been casting on like a crazy person a lot, right?  We'll see what comes out next.  These days, the project I'm working on seems to have more to do with what yarn is within reach than any kind of plan.

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