Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Day is Coming

Thanks to a sudden cold snap and veiled references elsewhere, the calendar has sneaked up behind me and yanked yet another month or two out from under my feet once again.  As I ponder planned knits and the many knit-worthy people in my life who deserve them, I have become abruptly conscious of the lack of days remaining before Significant Dates happen. 

This has persuaded me that a certain amount of focus about now would be a good thing.   So, I have been making progress on the next pair of socks:
These are in the new Cascade Fixations cotton-elastic sock yarn.  It's very elastic, and when I first started the socks, I wasn't sure I liked it.  But I adjusted to the elasticity quite quickly and am quite pleased with it now.   It's a bit heavier than other cotton-elastic yarns I've used, so the socks won't be lightweight, but it knits up gratifyingly quickly. 

And then I got a WIP out of time-out and had a serious talk with it about its behavior, and cast on another project (which seems suitably intimidated, as it's been going fairly smoothly) but they're both gifts, so I'm keeping them tucked beneath the cloak of secrecy for the moment.

In other yarn-related news, Wandering Cat Studio is running a sale to finance some upcoming vet bills.  I could claim that I was touched by the sight of poor Tux wearing his veterinary cone, but the truth is, I scored a skein of Wandering Cat Yarn in a contest last year, and loved it to bits.  So I seized on the excuse, threw caution to the winds, and will have some new yarn (oooh!!!)  to show you Real Soon Now.   Do check it out- you won't blame me a bit!


  1. I've got a pair of socks knit in the Patons Stretch Sock, and I quite like them. I didn't actually knit with the yarn though, Mom put it through her machine, so I can't say how it was to work with. But i made great socks!

    Thank you so much for your purchase (and the blog mention!)! Tux goes in tomorrow for some blood work and a biopsy on the lump. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for next Thursday.

    1. Poor baby! I hope it all goes absolutely smoothly, and he doesn't mind all the vet attention.

  2. Good for you! Be firm with those WIPs!