Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All is Revealed

Not that it was all that much knitting this Christmas.  However, I started with a pair of Fetching mitts for my sister.  Yarn is Patons Canadiana, which is heavier than the pattern calls for...but then we run to big hands, so having the mitts come out bigger was really what I was after.  And...I apparently never photographed them.  Drat. 

Second project was a pair of socks for my mom.  These were made in Berroco Comfort Sock, which is an acrylic/nylon sock yarn, and by far my favorite of the wool-free sock yarns I've tried. 
I was very pleased with them- pattern is Small Capitals from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. 
And last- and most astonishing, is a pair of WanderingCat's Sagittarius socks for my sister- in a skein of yarn my sister gave me (hey, this kind of behavior should be encouraged!) from Deep Water Dye Works.  Very pretty stuff, and lovely to knit. 

The colorway is called Pensacola Bay, and I told my sister she should imagine she was wading in warm tropical water every time she puts them on. 
What was astonishing about them, you wonder?  They are fast.  Seriously fast.  These socks?  Were a ball of yarn on Thursday night.  I grafted the toes on them Tuesday evening.  I didn't even have to stay up late.  The only remotely comparable pair I've had were a pair of short plain socks I knit at a music festival- to do a pair of patterned socks in 4 days flat (two of which I worked, and could only knit in the evening)- that's unheard of.   And I had to add a pattern repeat (72 stitches around is pretty much the minimum that will accommodate the feet in my family, and I don't like to go up in needle size because I like a dense fabric for long wear).  
The only downside is it's going to give me an inflated idea of how much knitting I can get done in a short amount of time next year! 


  1. Great socks - and now I want to cast on a pair for myself!

    1. You absolutely should! And I'm about to skein up some of my new WanderingCat yarn for the sock knit-a-long. Assuming I can wait that long to cast on!