Friday, February 21, 2014

In the Bag

And the scarf is done.  I'm quite happy with it-- and not a little bemused, because the scarf/shawlette thing isn't really me.  But I don't care, I plan to wear it anyway. 

The last two weeks have been filled by work commitments and I've mostly been too tired to think when I was home.  Which means that having a lot of stockinette and garter projects going was a good plan.  Despite the best intentions, the top down cardigan isn't to the sleeve split yet, but the red socks are progressing steadily- I'm just past the cuff of the second one.

And last night, I did take a few minutes to whip up a small bag.  There's a game (Carcassonne) which  involves players drawing small cardboard tiles without seeing what they are- while this can be done by simply turning the tiles face-down, drawing them from an opaque bag is easier.  We already have a bag- it came with one of the expansion sets for the game- but one of my husband's friends also has a set, and my husband asked if I'd make a bag for his friend.  Since it's dead easy, I was happy to do so.  Hence:

It's just got a simple casing with a drawstring.   And I'm sure the reason my husband even thought to ask, was that last month I had made a smaller bag for holding dice.  I put it on my FO list, but hadn't gotten around to a picture:

And now I want to cast on something else.  But have been dithering about what.  I'm torn between a cowl, more socks  (I need to choose the next pattern anyway), or just whipping through a few mittens.  But then there is a baby due in the spring whom I'd like to knit for.  Decisions, decisions!  Fortunately, stockinette sweaters and socks give me plenty of time to think it over. 


  1. I love whipping up handy little bags like that. I actually have one for my old D&D dice too!

    You want to play, right?? :)

  3. Hi! I need your email addy to add you to the March Sweater Madness so you can post updates. Thanks.

    1. Can you go to my profile page, and send me email with your address? I'll reply with my email. I'd prefer not to put it in comments where every spambot in the universe can harvest it and fill my mail with garbage.