Saturday, May 3, 2014


The boys have had a busy day.  Not only did they start the morning by presenting me with a dead rodent, there was a great deal of watching the 'out'.
Sam, the neighbor cat, came by.  Cookie disapproves of Sam, who he suspects has designs on Cookie's cat food.  There was a good deal of crouching and tail lashing, as well as trailing around from window to window, following Sam's progress through the yard.  Sam, while he no doubt would eat Cookie's cat food if the opportunity arose, does not seem to harbor any hard feelings for Cookie- rather the reverse.  He'll sit outside the porch door and meow until Cookie comes out.

Then there was the supervising of yard work to be done.  I had a keen audience for raking and pool maintenance.   It was all pretty exhausting, and by mid-afternoon, Biscuit needed a little lie-down in the cat castle to recover.

But that wasn't the only excitement to be had-  our Santa Fe pottery arrived.  Jonathan and I were pleased to see what it looked like glazed.   And I was amused to note that the bowl we got the preview photo for?  Wasn't one of ours!  I'd been a bit confused when I saw it because I didn't remember something exactly that shape, and figured it had to be something about the way it was photographed.  But no.  I think they must have meant to send me a picture of the interior glaze on this bowl:
Which I was delighted with.  See, when they asked what kind of a pottery thing I'd like to make, my very first thought was a yarn bowl.  Here's the outside:
I also made a large dish.  After I took this photo, I immediately put it to use- filled it with fruit and put it on the kitchen island.  
And there was a smaller dish, on which I also particularly liked how the glaze came out.

 Jonathan also made three dishes.  A vase:
A small dish:
And a rather arty candy dish which may be the single prettiest piece of the lot. 
Great fun, and delightful reminders of our trip- I'm going to enjoy using them. 


  1. Your pottery looks fantastic - that beats cheesy vacation souvenirs any day!

  2. Oh my! The pottery is wonderful!!!

    1. It was great fun. And the yarn bowl works splendidly- it's quite heavy, so it doesn't move when I tug on the yarn.