Monday, March 2, 2015

Now They're Just Messing With Us

We finally seem to have broken out of the cold snowy cycle we've been in.  Just imagine, three whole days with daytime highs above freezing!  Why, it's been positively sweltering!  Of course this morning we got another dusting of snow. We're over 100 inches for the year, we don't actually need more.  But this was nothing much, just enough to freshen up the look of the snowbanks, which had been getting a little dingy.
Yes, the black spec in the snowbank at center left is my mailbox.
Certainly there hasn't been a lot of motivation to stop knitting winter wear.   Here's the hat:

There have been more mittens- one pair of kid mittens, and another pair for me.  Come to think of it, this is the second pair for me.  I don't think I took a picture of the others- they were off the needles and onto my hands too fast!

And for the housewarming gift, a set of draft excluders.  Traditionally these are filled with sand, but dry sand is hard to come by this time of year- the yard being frozen solid- so I copied my mother's winter innovation and stuffed them with cat litter.

And now it's bedtime, and I should go stick my feet under a cat and go to sleep.


  1. Oooh, I need to make some of those draft excluders. Kitty litter is a good idea!

    1. I used fabric from sheets and doubled it- you want something densely woven so it doesn't shed dust. Then double-stitched all the seams to make a tube closed at one end (again, double-stitched to avoid leakage), made a wide mouth funnel out of thin cardboard to fill it, and doublestitched across the open end. That left a raw seam at the open end, so I folded it back into the tube and whipstitched the end closed to make a neater finish.

  2. That winter wear is going to come in handy - it doesn't look like winter is about to let up anytime soon!

  3. Should I even mention that we're supposed to hit 70 degrees today? Of course, we're already in severe drought conditions, so it's not exactly green here.

  4. That's our water, actually (giveitbackgiveitback). We have a Ridiculously Resilient Ridge (official term) of air blocking off the water that's supposed to come at us from the Pacific, bouncing it up towards the Arctic and then it comes back down at you. So we've had drought and you've had snow in capital letters. I imagine you'd be glad to give it back, and we'd be happy to have it.