Saturday, June 27, 2015

June, the Crafts and Garden Report

I'm not altogether sure what happened to June.  There were a couple of weeks when I put the camera somewhere so safe I couldn't find it.  There was socializing and house guests and yard stuff and work stuff and  cat maintenance and book stuff.  There just never seemed to be a good time to blog about it.
You'll be happy to know that at least some of the flowers finally did their thing. The blue flags and irises gave us quite a show.

There were dianthus.

The lupines are steadily gaining ground and I had more blooms this year.

And the Siberian irises are spreading like wildfire.

There has been some knitting.  I pulled out the sweater I had set aside to work on Sara's vest, lo these many moons ago:

The bathing cat is a bonus.  It was some inches short of the armholes when I got it out, and now the back is done and I'm working on one half of the front, so it's made some progress.

Then for social knitting, I cast on a plain sock.  The lace one was a bit too complicated for conversation.

More yarn arrived on my doorstep, including some lovely wool, so I cast on a hat, just because.  Of course I will need a few minutes to sit down and get the pattern established before I'll be able to make progress on it.

And most recently I finally got impatient with the row of notebooks on my desk at work continually falling over because the lightweight bookends holding them up keep slipping.   So I delved into the scrap lumber pile earlier this week and threw together a simple shelf to sit on my desk.   At least one part of my cubicle will be less messy.

I just put the second coat of polyurethane on it, so it will be ready to go to work with me on Monday.  In addition to finishing the shelf, today was pool-cleaning, yard work, laundry day and other miscellaneous errands.  Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so I won't be distracted by the outdoors.  Just possibly...don't hold your breath....but just possibly there could be some sewing.


  1. Love all your flowers! Our weather has been much cooler than normal, so mine are blooming, but slowly!
    I really like the yarn in that pink sock!

  2. Sewing?!? OMG! WORLD ENDING!

  3. I don't think it was REALLY a full month, do you?

  4. Love your flowers--and the fact that you could just envision something, pick up some pieces of wood and make it so. I might be able to knit but a knitted desk, not so much.