Sunday, May 8, 2016


Remember last post when I talked about how gorgeous the weather was and how I climbed a mountain?  I found the photos- here's the view from the summit of Long Mountain in western Massachusetts. 

And that was the last we saw of the sun.  The whole week has been wet and chilly. However, although the cold rain and gray skies make it hard to tell, the apples know that it is spring.  

Various plants around the yard have been putting up greenery and even a few buds.  Though the very first tulip wasn't open a day when someone nipped off the blossom and left it lying on the ground beside the plant. I suspect the squirrels.

Biscuit's response to the rain (as well as many other situations) is to have a nice lie down until something interesting happens.
Biscuit in the castle

Biscuit's method doesn't work for me, (for one thing, the cat castle is a tight fit for a human), so I've been cuddled up with a stack of books and my knitting.  After a certain amount of counting, recounting and cursing of seams, the little Tomten jacket is finally (almost) done.  Which is to say that the knitting is done, ends woven in, and it's blocking, so I'll just have to add the zipper once it's dry.  

Surprisingly, Biscuit left the jacket completely alone right up until I started trying to take a picture, at which point he sat on it.  Because why on earth would I be taking a picture without a cat in it?  

Happy Mother's Day, to all the moms out there.  

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