Sunday, January 29, 2017


Lots of movement on the crafting front this week.   Here's the scarf I mentioned earlier.  I like it surprisingly well knit up- I'm not usually a fan of thick and thin yarns, but it does look pretty.  One more skein to knit up and I'll be through with this yarn.

And here's the completed chemo cap to go with it:

On the sock front, it's out with the old- I have finished the Moorish Lattice Socks:

And here's a close-up of the pattern.  Pretty, but the way it decreases stitches for a couple of rows makes the leg pull in much more than the total stitch count would lead you to believe.

And then it's in with the oldest- for the new Use-Your-Oldest-Yarn KAL, I unearthed this project.

This came to me in a big bag of yarn odds and ends from my Mom, that she had gotten from someone else.   (Note that I asked her about this yesterday and she denies everything.  But this is my blog, so my story.)  Anyway, this was long before I started knitting socks and I said, "Really? Fingering weight yarn.   And it's pretty, but even if I finished it, the sweater would be too small for me."   And my mom spun me this tale out of whole cloth about how it probably belonged to some elderly knitter who couldn't finish it, and how grateful she would be to know that someone else took on the project.

Now, this was a long time ago- pre-internet, and I had not at that time encountered the knitterly habit of putting misbehaving projects in eternal time-out.   So I fell for my mom's pathetic (and completely fictional) speculation, and took the project.   Which has sat in my stash for roughly 20 years.   In the intervening time, the pattern got lost.  I tried at one point to reverse engineer it.  I discovered that even if I could duplicate the pattern, the original knitter and I have vastly different gauges.

....and then, many years later I was thinking about frogging it and doing something with the yarn and looked at the label to see that it is in fact superwash wool and nylon.  In fingering weight.  Sock yarn, in other words.  And finally I had a use for the stuff.   So.  Despite having A Plan, the sweater continued to hang out- the lace was pretty, I had other sock yarn, and I just never got a Round Tuit.   Until the KAL.  So, today I frogged it onto my yarn swift.
And skeined it up so I can give it a quick wash and try to get the 20-year-old squiggles from prior knitting to uncurl.  Here's all the yarn wound up.

And I've cast on a sock, from the unknit skein.  I'm not holding out a lot of hope for making the KAL deadline, as it would mean knitting 2 pairs of socks in this same yarn back-to-back, but at least it's gotten me to frog the sweater and get the yarn ready to use.  Which is way more than half the battle.

The pattern is the Open Rib stitch, again from my go to sock book, Sensational Knitted Socks, and it's one I haven't tried before.  So I'm looking forward to getting a few more repeats on the needle and seeing how it looks.   And I'm psyched to have completed a couple of things and cast on new projects!

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  1. That sock looks great and it's great that you re-purposed the yarn. That's FREE socks! Free socks are ALWAYS good.