Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Not Much and Altogether Random

Thoughts for the day:

  • I have to wonder about Jake.  He licked my bowl completely clean after dinner.  He's the only cat I know who loves spaghetti sauce.
  • I just finished "Night Drive" by folksinger Garnet Rogers, reminiscences about touring with his brother Stan in the 70s.  I enjoyed it a lot- it's well written, and parts were funny, and sad and nostalgic.  Also there is more alcohol consumed in this book than in the entire city of Las Vegas in year.  It's amazing they didn't kill themselves.
  • My husband is currently attempting to conquer the galaxy*.  This happens a lot around here.  
  • I have discovered why the person knitting the baby afghan gave it away.  After the first couple of strips, the charm starts to wear off.  But I am determined to finish. 
  • This may be why I volunteered to knit some adult mittens in bulky yarn.  I'm really feeling the yearning for FOs right now.    
  • I've hardly touched the sweater lately, despite wanting to finish it and wear it.  I may have to take drastic action**. 
  • About the only thing that did get completed this week is taxes.  It helps to hire someone else to do them.
  • Obligatory cat pictures.  Because this post needs something to redeem it.
Cookie and Jake snuggling.

Biscuit is helping organize the tax paperwork.

* Playing Eclipse online. 
**Project monogamy.  Though I'm not certain I'm able....


  1. Jake sounds like my kind of cat. Rupert is not food-motivated at all. He eats his kibble and that's it. He barely even touches cat treats.
    My husband is currently trying to conquer the cold winter alone (Game is The Long Dark.. he keeps getting eaten by the bear)

  2. The cute kitty pictures did it for me!!! ;-) They are ALL adorable!

    I don't think I could be a monogamous knitter anymore. I get bored too quickly, but if a project isn't making me happy, I can totally QUIT it and frog it back too.