Monday, March 31, 2008

Sock Love

So, last week, Alison suggested that if I was bored with the sweater, I should try something new. And I explained to her in email that I had done that- (two pairs of socks, a hat, two pairs of mitts and a bunch of stockinette blocks), and what it was inspiring me to do was more short fun projects. My plan was to knit through my road trip to Albany this past weekend and try to make serious progress, given that I've got a deadline starting to make that familiar whooshy noise up ahead for the cardigan.

And I did- my lovely spouse did all the driving, I knit through NH, Vermont and NY, I knit through much of the house party and I finished a whole sleeve.

But I underestimated Alison's superpowers of enabling, because somehow that ball of sock yarn also fell into my bag. (With the pattern and appropriately-sized needles. I'm telling you, she's good.)


Have I mentioned lately how much I adore socks? They tend to go fast, because I stick them in a ziplock and tuck them in my coat pocket when I go to a restaurant or the bank or the grocery store. Even standing in line becomes knitting time- I just pull the needles out and knit standing up, with the yarn still in the pocket.

And this yarn is lovely- look at the stripes, and the variegation. The dark stripe is really a very dark green, making these kind of foresty beige/tan/dark green socks. These are sedate enough not to raise eyebrows at the office (I'm already the weird doesn't take much in my industry), and yet super-fun to knit. I'm mesmerized by the cute little chevron-angles of the strips. The pattern is very simple- two row repeat. I'm loving these socks.

Yeah. That Alison. Totally superpowers.

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  1. Can you hear me guffawing!? Oh, that sock is wonderful!

    My husband's thesis advisor's wife showed me the little yellow sweater she'd started making for her first baby, and finally finished for her last one--with ten kids in between. She'd been determined not to start anything else till she got that done. That made quite an impression on me, as a knitter. I've always taken that as a sign of, sometimes a project just plain needs to go to the back of the line while the line keeps moving.