Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Confession Time

Okay, it must be said that I did not so much *miss* the deadline, as become distracted and wander blissfully off the path to project completion, smelling the flowers and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. Somewhere off in the distance, there was a "whoosh", a sonic boom, and the fading wail of the whistle as the deadline went by.

In my defense, I can only say, it was 75 degrees. And sunny. And I did clean up much of the yard, and ride my bike, and still managed to get most of the sleeve done.

I realize that this is old news to the rest of the country, but Spring is Here! (It's different when you see it in your own yard.) Look! Forsythia.

Wee rhubarb plants. (Aren't they cute?)
baby rhubarb

And a bud, yes, a bud on the daffodils.
daffodil in progress

But the prize for first flower of the season, beating even the forsythia?
overachieving dandelions

Even if I didn't actually kind of like dandelions? At least it's not a huge pile of snow.

And then today (to my utter disbelief), the temperatures soared into the 80s. The violets were quite confused but willing.
rather confused violets in bloom

I don't normally see violets until late May or early June. Heck, most of the violets in the yard are too young to date, let alone engage in flowering behavior. (Did all that rampant flowering sexuality distract you from the cardigan? Yes? Excellent!)

Happy Spring!


  1. VIOLETS!!! I grew up with them growing wild and freely in the yard, much to our family's delight (some of the neighbors, not so much, but that was their problem; my parents taught us to appreciate them.) Beautiful beautiful beautiful. And they don't show up around here in California, so I miss them. Violets, and mountain laurels. *breath of homesickness for a moment*

  2. The advent of Spring counts as a good excuse to miss almost any deadline. Enjoy.

    And congratulations. You won first choice in my drawing.

  3. Sigh--Spring has actually not come to stay here in Idaho yet. We get little "teasers," then get smacked with snow or frost. Rats. Snow does actually make one want to knit, though. Actual spring weather....not even lace would tempt me! :)