Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bastard Brother

So I was knitting along, feeling the Chevron love, when I came across a knot in the yarn. I carefully unknotted it, joined the next piece and kept knitting. Some rounds later, I noted that I wasn't getting the color I was expecting. Okay, I thought. So the new piece was joined at a different point in the color repeat. This yarn has a very long color repeat. Not so surprising. A few more rounds though, and the real truth comes out:

See it? Instead of beige/green/beige/purply-gray/green/beige, I'm getting green and *then* purply-gray. The color repeats in the yarn after the join are going in the opposite direction.

I had resigned myself to the idea that the socks weren't going to be an exact match when I declined to excise five rounds worth of yarn to get the first stripe in the same place as the prior sock. I was glad I hadn't been too set on identical socks when I found the knot. But these are more like kissing cousins than fraternal socks. And, while I could pull out the purply-gray bit, join the yarn from the other end and see what I get? I won't. Instead, I think I'll look at it as a chance to practice suppressing my anal tendencies.


  1. Ha! I've had this problem with self-striping yarns--drives me crazy!

    Personally, I found it a chance to exercise my ability to give things away to others less anal than myself.....

  2. I have 9" long feet running happily away from any claim to having written this comment...